Robert H. Barr, Jr., CPA, CFE, CFF

ACCT 7385 Class Materials

ACCT 7385 – Fraud Examination

In this course, we will be studying how people steal from their employers using asset misappropriation and corruption schemes.  We will also study how company executives can cheat their shareholders using fraudulent financial reporting to misstate actual results to make the company look better and to keep stock prices high to enable the executives to enrich themselves.

We will also study how to recognize the most common used asset misappropriation schemes and will discuss many of the methods used by fraudsters.  These will include:


I use a lot of information from cases that I have done over the years of my personal fraud examinations.  These will often help you to better understand  some of the concepts that we will be discussing.

There will also be a number of videos, most which are continuing education videos that have been provided to the school by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, free of charge.  The price to purchase all of these videos would be in excess of $3,000, and I appreciate the generosity of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners for making these available.

Benford’s Law

I will also present information for the use of Benford’s Law to help locate fraudulent transactions in a large database.  This can be very helpful in finding transactions that are unusual and need additional examination.